Credit for testing

Updated time: Oct 9, 2017 , 10:35 (UTC+08:00)

For test transactions, you can use one of the credit cards listed below. When prompted for an expiration date for the credit card, use any date in the future.

Do not use real credit card numbers.

Common sale tests

Number Vendor Notes/purpose
4111111111111111 Visa Sale successful.
5555555555554444 MasterCard Sale successful.
371449111020228 Amex Sale successful.

3-D Secure tests

Number Vendor Notes/purpose
4000000000000002 Visa Sale successful.
4000000000000028 Visa Card enrolled, verification failed.
5200000000000007 MasterCard Sale successful.
5200000000000023 MasterCard Card enrolled, verification failed.
340000000003961 Amex Sale successful.
340000000006022 Amex Card enrolled, verification failed.